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The following sites feature similar content to the Fantastic Movie Musings and Ramblings. Many of the former residents of the old Scifilm message board are regulars of these sites and their respective message boards.


Classic Horror Film Board - Message board devoted to classic horror - home of Dave Sindelar's Movie of the Day.

HermanCohen.com - Fansite devoted to the producer of I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF.

Films From Beyond the Time Barrier - Great little blog covering obscure B movies!

Coastland Technologies - Web hosting and more - hosts this site.

Sci-Fi Movies - Great English/French web site with a large display of movie posters! 

The Sci-Fi Movie Page - Nice site with movie and DVD reviews, as well as a discussion board. 

Hollywood Memorabilia - Searching for any?  This site is worth checking out!

Films Fantastiques - For those of you who can read French, here's a nice-looking, fun review site of genre movies.

Vampires, Zombies and Mummies - Review website dedicated to three great types of monsters!

Berdella - Website on the making of a new horror movie about Kansas City Serial Killer Bob Berdella

Rising Zombies - Tribute site to George Romero's Zombie films.
Old Time Radio Catalog - Like old time radio?  Check out this site - plenty of genre material!
Santo Street - Looking for obscure Mexican and Asian movies or interested in Mexican wrestlers?  Santo Street just might fulfill your needs!
Quit Smoking.org -  Need help quitting smoking?  This may be the place for you
Association for Visual Arts - Communities and connections for aspiring artists.

If you have a site with similar content you would like to see featured on this page, please e-mail Dave Sindelar for consideration.