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Article #1690 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 10-30-2005
Posting Date: 3-29-2006
Directed by Phil Goldstone
Featuring Zita Johann, Paul Cavanagh, Alan Dinehart


A district attorney recounts the story of a woman whose affair with a noted politician results in her being executed for murder.

This movie made my list under its alternate title VOICE FROM THE GRAVE, which is one that makes it sound more like a horror movie than the more appropriate title under which the movie is generally known. The fantastic content does pop up near the end of the movie, when a man is visited by the spirit of Nora Moran just before and after her execution, though within the context of the story it may be nothing more than his over-active imagination. Horror fans no doubt remember Zita Johann as the object of Im-Ho-Tep's affection in THE MUMMY; she only made a handful of movies. She does a fine job here, and the movie is surprisingly creative for the low budget movie company Majestic, the company which also gave us THE VAMPIRE BAT. The movie is more than a little strange, with most of the story told in flashbacks from the points of view of several different characters, and the results are rather surreal. The movie is rather engaging, but the scene of a circus performer who wrestles lions (which involves beating them with his hands while locked in a cage with him) may upset animal lovers.

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