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Article 2665 by Dave Sindelar 
Viewing Date: 8-6-2008
Posting Date: 11-29-2008
Directed by Edwin S. Porter
Featuring Charles Manley
Country: USA

Uncle Josh's sleep is interrupted by a teleporting devil and vanishing furniture.

Poor Uncle Josh! If it's not ghost practical jokers (in UNCLE JOSH IN A SPOOKY HOTEL), it's teleporting devils! Uncle Josh was one of the first franchise characters in cinema; he appeared in three shorts, and was played by seventy-year old Charles Manley in all three. I covered the first one several years ago, but won't be covering the last, as it has no fantastic content. This is a fairly standard early cinema trick film. On a historical note, Charles Manley was a member of the Ford theatre at the time of Lincoln's assassination.

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