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Article #302 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 1-11-2002
Posting date: 5-28-2002

An ex-vaudeville star terrorizes her crippled ex-movie star sister when she discovers that she was planning to sell their house and send her to a home.

I've never really been a fan of Bette Davis, but I do have to admit she gives one hell of a performance in this movie, as does Victor Buono as the somewhat decrepit musician she befriends. I'm less impressed with Joan Crawford, but in all fairness, she doesn't have the good role. This movie marks the beginning of a truly odd subgenre of horror films which found challenging roles for actresses that were most likely considered over-the-hill at that time, and there's no doubt there is a lot of dimension to the grotesque character of Baby Jane in this movie, and it gave both actresses a new phase in their career, though only Davis would really pull it off; Crawford would end up in the likes of BERSERK and TROG. As for the movie itself, I think it's overlong and could have used some better pacing, but it really is a very unique movie.

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