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Article #594 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 10-30-2002
Posting date: 3-25-2003

Three people discover they may be the only survivors of world destruction.

This movie really tries, and for the first half hour, with much of that time devoted to Harry Belafonte wandering the deserted city of New York, it succeeds. Unfortunately, once he meets Inger Stevens, the movie starts to falter, and from that point onwards I found the movie to be stiff, self-conscious, clumsy, and ultimately and painfully obvious in doling out its messages. It's a shame; I really wanted to believe these characters were three-dimensional, living beings, but they end up being either symbolic or mouthpieces for the messages. I guess when it comes to movies like this, I'll probably go back to either FIVE or THE LAST WOMAN ON EARTH before I pop this one in again, no matter how breathtaking the scenes in the first thirty minutes are; at least the characters in those movies seemed to have some real personality to them.

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